Henchman Industries
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Key Features:

  • Non-conductive non-metallic rather than insulated with no metal parts this means it is unable to carry a current.03195_.png

  • For use in Medium Voltage -up to 20kV, & Low Voltage -up to 11kV, applications, Proof tested up to 20kV.

  • The tape is made of highest quality Fibre Reinforced Plastic material (FRP). Like any tape measure, the tape should not be abused. The tape will tear if enough shear force is applied and if folded it will weaken due to the properties of the Fibre Reinforced Plastic material.

  • Under correct handling and use you will get years of use and the material will not stretch.

  • Weight: 150g

  • Tape length: 3m

  • External Dimensions: 83mm x 73mm x 29mm