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  • The Wiha SoftFinish® zone features a solid moulded core with a soft outer grip. This requires less force yet achieves 40% more torque then conventional handles.
  • The Wiha handle is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, providing maximum torque forces in dry and general working conditions.
  • Due to the combination of material and handle size, Wiha screwdrivers fits perfectly into the palm of the hand. This creates no pain, strain on muscles, ligaments, and joints, with a result of minimum force for maximum torque.



  • Wiha handles are made of solid moulded high impact plastic material
  • Wiha's large optimized handle diameter allows higher torque with less user hand fatigue
  • Roll-off protection on Wiha handle design
  • Blade made of high quality chromevanadium-molybdenium  steel, super hardened and chrome-plated for unmatched durability - Wiha chromtip.
  • Wiha screwdrivers have a reinforced connection between blade and molded core
  • Wiha SoftFinish® zone for unbeatable comfort and maximum torque
  • Wiha handles have a round smooth handle end for comfort 
  • Wiha is made in Germany and represented in Australia by Henchman Products


Wiha SoftFinsish® is available in

  • Wiha Standard range
  • The Wiha ESD range (corresponds to ESD standards DIN EN 61340-5-1/61340-5-2) The electrostatic energy is discarged in a controlled manner. The surface resistance of the handle is in the range of 10^6 – 10^9 Ohms.
  • Wiha Electronics series screwdrivers (according to DIN EN 60900) The high quality blade is insulation is moulded directly onto the blade and therefore guarantees safety when working on live equipment up to 1500V DC or 1000V AC.  

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Wiha PicoFinish

The Wiha PicoFinish is distinguished by top-quality materials and an ergonomic handle design. The comfortable precision screwdriver with multi-component handle, rapid rotating zone and easy-movement rotating cap is a professional tool for all precision work for confined screw applications.

The Wiha blades are made if top-quality chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel to ensure a particularly long tool life. They are subsequently through-hardened in a controlled process and chrome-plated. The precise ChromTop® tip ensures a secure hold in the screw head.

  • Ergonomic handle design with soft zone for comfortable work
  • Easy-movement rotating cap for rapid hand action on Wiha PicoFinish
  • Wiha PicoFinish has colour-coded marking of the drive symbol for easy identification
  • Through-hardened, chrome plated blade made of chromevanadium- molybdenum steel for a long tool life
  • Wiha ChromTop® tip guarantees a secure hold in the screw head
  • Ideal for all fine, filigree applications in electronics and precision-mechanics applications, as well as for DIY and model-building

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Wiha also manufacture a wide range of pliers,  hex keys and hand tools. Wiha is represented in Australia by Henchman Products.  Wiha is stocked on the shelf in Australia. Henchman Products has distributed Wiha since 1999 in Australia. Wiha screwdrivers are considered the ultimate premium tool of its kind in the world.

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