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Electronic Tool Control

Henchman Aerospace has standalone capabilities when it comes to tooling and complying with tool control requirements to meet Part 145 for aircraft maintenance.  Henchman Aerospace provides the complete solution for Tool Control:

  • Proprietary Tool Control technology

  • In-house capabilities for CNC cutting

  • Laser marking of  tools

  • Extensive range of Aerospace Tooling

  • Customisation of toolkits

 HenchmanTRAK Automated Tool Control






Our HenchmanTRAK family of Tool Control consists of:

-Electronic Automated Tool Control Cabinets

-Portable Tool kit management

-Tool Crib issuing/recieving RFID & barcoded items

-Cloud based central viewing, mult-user/multi-station

-Calibration updates/warnings

-Full Inventory Management Software

Supplying kits to some of the largest airlines and MRO's globally


We have all the tools required for:

-Structural Toolkits

-Mechanical Toolkits

-Avionics Toolkits

Henchman Flyaway Kit


Our in-house services include:

-Custom CNC Foam Cutting

-Laser Etching of Tools

Henchman Tool Wagon



Other tool storage options include:

-Premium Rollcab Toolboxes

-High Density Storage Cabinets

-Protective Hard Cases for Flyaway Kits

-Toolwagons for Flightline Maintenance

-Toolboard Cabinets with Clear lockable doors