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The Light Bulb Changer makes it possible to change those burned out bulbs without climbing up on a ladder. This kit includes the 11 3-section steel pole and the heads to fit Standard, Floodlight and Recessed bulbs. The industry standard thread pattern on the steel pole will fit paint roller handles and other 3rd party accessories. This unit includes a Bonus 2-piece Broken Bulb Changer Head making it simple and safe to remove a broken bulb from its socket.





Feedback from a recent customer:

"More incredible news. Goods received at Linfox reception this morning at 9:50am – turnaround time of 15-16 hours from your Newcastle warehouse to my Melbourne shipped address. All good, premium packaging to prevent damage as well. Then it goes further, freight & packing all for the great cost of $12.50 for a difficult to ship 5’ long cylinder.Thanks for the VIP service and I would certainly recommend your company to anyone."


"PS: Your company was the only site that I could find that supplies telescopic pole globe changers – Bunnings used to, but, no longer. Best regards and thanks – it was a pleasure to do business with you!"




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