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Exact and repeatable.
Very specific tolerances often apply to surface damage and exact measurements are essential to determine if a part should remain in service. The 8400K Micrometer allows "repair or replace" maintenance decisions to be made with absolute certainty, and backed up with precise measurement data.


Eliminate Guesswork
The Micrometer will allow you to quickly and confidently perform visual inspections and make real assessments of damage severity. Avoid using substandard parts or scrapping parts that are still within safety and tolerance limits.


Portable and Versatile.
The Micrometer kit has interchangeable bases and lenses for use on almost any surface, including transparencies and composites. Use one tool to inspect many types of damage; corrosion pitting, scribe lines, bubbles, crazing, and scratches on parts.


Simple Operation
Unlike analog models, the 8400K Micrometer is repeatable and requires no manual calculations. The Micrometers digital LCD display is easy to read and toggles between inches and millimeters.
Optional accessories allow data to be exported to a PC or handheld device.

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Inspect Damage on

  • Mechanical Parts
  • Leading Edges
  • Propellers
  • Composites
  • Windshields
  • Canopies
  • Fuselage Skins
  • Shafts, Masts, Rotors
  • And many other applications

Repair or Replace

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable measurements of surface damage to parts.
  • Replace the "fingernail test" with a precise tool and make maintenance decisions with confidence.                                                               
  • Save Time and Money. Quickly determine the severity of damage. Avoid scrapping parts that are still within tolerance limits.
  • Read and record results easily from clear digital LCD display, or export directly to a PC.
  • Improve traceability, quality control and monitor trends over time.

Optical Micrometer Downloads:

Download Micrometer Brochure>>

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