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The Problem
The introduction of CASR Part 145 for Approved Maintenance Organisations has meant that much
more stringent procedures need to be put into place to comply with tool control requirements.
Challenges include:

  • Recording of company tool issue to engineers
  • Personally owned tools - very difficult to control both in inventory and quality
  • Ensuring tools comply to recognised standards
  • Locating a tool that is lost
  • Tracking inventory, calibrations, repairs, loans etc.
  • Other similar problems




How Henchman Can Help With Tool Control

1. Custom Dual Colour Foams
2. Tool Laser Marking
3. Tool Storage
4. Tool Control and Inventory Management Software

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 Custom Foam Inlays

  • In-house design and manufacture
  • High Density Closed Cell Foam
  • Hard PP top for increased protection and visuals
  • Custom made to any configuration
  • Portable or Fixed Tool Storage


See more details on Custom Foams here







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Tool Laser Marking

Our in house laser marking service means all your tools can be delivered with your company name, and tool kit number, giving even the most basic tool control system a new level of accountability and control.


Henchman Products can supply tool cabinet storage in almost any configuration from standard roll cabs to towable toolwagons which we manufacture.

  • High Density Storage
  • Standard Selections
  • Custom Made
  • Tool Wagons
  • Tool Boxes


Explorer Cases

  • Ideal For Fly Away or Line Maintenance
  • Custom Foam Inlays and Trays Available
  • Equipment Storage & Protection
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Large Range of Sizes
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in Italy
 Find out more about Henchman's Explorer Case range Here