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By using a carbon fibre/epoxy resin composite gas cylinder and a light but strong aluminium case we have made a Portable Charging Unit the size and weight of a small suitcase. The unit incorporates all the valves, regulators and  gauges that are needed to supply gas under pressure safely and accurately. There is space to store up to 5metres of hose and other accessories. Because of its potential for use on airfields, all small removable parts are retained by chains to prevent foreign object damage (FOD). The inlet includes an easily removable filter. Materials are flame retardant and are suitable for breathing Oxygen where necessary. The units are certified to TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive). Full military standard documentation can be provided.


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The Nitrogen charging units are used for:

  • Tire Inflation:
  • Charging of Undercarriage struts:
  • Topping up Accumulators:
  • Topping up Cylinders supplying escape slides
  • Charging larger volumes in the above applications:


Please supply the following Ordering Information when Ordering:

  • Outlet pressure ranges
  • Number of outlet pressure ranges
  • Lightweight or heavy duty case
  • Wheels and handle
  • Flow medium
  • Port configuration
  • Case colour and markings
  • Operating and storage temperature ranges
  • Certification and QA requirements


Download the Portable Charging Unit brochure here


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For more Information/Quotes/any questions please contact us: sales@henchman.com.au / sales@henchman.co.nz