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What is Hexavalent Chromium?

Hexavalent Chromium (CR(VI) is a natural metal used in a wide variety of industrial activities, including welding, manufacture of stainless steel, pigment and painting application, electro plating, and other surface coating processes. In the US according to the OSHA there are over 558,000 workers exposed to Hexavalent Chromium.


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Toxic Metal Exposure Can Cause

Chromium VI – Respiratory distress, irritation of the nose lining, skin rashes – chrome ulcers, stomach ulcers, small intestine irritation, increased cancer in lung/stomach/intestine


Cadmium – Chronic effects include anemia, rhinitis/anosmia, pulmonary emphysema, proteinuria and lung cancer. The primary target organs for chronic disease are the kidneys (non-carcinogenic) and the lungs (carcinogenic).


Lead – Affects nervous system, increased blood pressure, anemia, brain function, kidney function, accumulates in body and is used as calcium, lowers IQ in children


Arsenic – Increased cardiovascular disease, increased cancer risk, increased dermatitis, increased warts, skin pigmentation.


Other toxic metals include – Zinc, Mercury, Silver, Magnesium, Aluminum, Uranium, Chromium, Arsenic, Nickel, Strontium, Vanadium, Zinc, Manganese, Barium, Beryllium, Aluminum and others. These are known as CAD ++ metals.



HexOff™ removes heavy metals at the microscopic level. No other product made in the world has been formulated specifically to solve the skin and surface Hexavalent Chromium problem.

Product family includes Non-rinse wipes, Foaming Hand Wash, surface spray for thoroughly cleaning tools, shrouds and work surfaces.


Foaming Hand Soap – the first line of defense

Provides the same germ fighting strength of conventional hand soaps, but acts on a molecular level to release microscopic deposits of Hexavalent Chromium and other heavy metals from the skin.



Everyone uses the bathroom soap, so introducing HexOff here makes an immediate health impact on the entire organization.

Rich foam decontamination wash is ecologically friendlier than liquid hand soaps and is delivered more uniformly, reducing overuse.

Does not contain EDTA, Phosphates, or other harmful chemicals. Low sudsing formula is safe for all wastewater systems.

Leaves skin hydrated and feeling great!


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Foaming  Hand Wash Dispenser 415-DS02
Foaming Hand Wash (1 Gallon) 415-HW01
Foaming Hand Wash (55 Gallon) 415-HW55




Non-Rinse Wipes for quick cleanup after the job.


Convenient wipes are great when rinse water is not available.

Removes Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, and other cationic metals from the skin. Cleans off dirt and helps remove viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Made from natural environmentally friendly components.

Decontamination Station is great for personnel cleanup outside of sanding booths, paint hangars, and in lockers.

Great for cleanup after removing PPE


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Non-Rinse Wipes (45 wipe canister)  415-NR045
Non-Rinse Wipes (800 wipe bucket)  415-NR800
Decontamination   Station (includes 800 wipes) 415-DS01
Bucket Refill (800   wipes) 415-NR800RF







Surface Decontamination Spray for tools and surfaces  

Decontaminates and cleans sanders, shrouds, storage shelves, respirators, tools, equipment, and floors and walls – even after years of toxic metal buildup.

Contains environmentally safe ingredients that are low-sudsing and phosphate free.

Apply by hand, brush, or high pressure.

Surface Guard Technology™ makes it difficult for CrVI and other heavy metals to stick to surfaces after use.


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Surface Cleaner (1 qt) 415-SC01Q
Surface Cleaner (5   gallon) 415-SC05G
Surface Cleaner (55 gallon) 415-SC55G




How to incorporate Hygenall® HexOff™


  1. Replace washroom soap dispensers with HexOff Foaming Soap dispensers.
  2. Place Non-Rinse Wipes (Decontamination Station) in key locations where workers are removing PPE or where they are working with heavy metals.
  3. Replace conventional spray cleaners with Surface Decontamination Spray in break rooms, cafeterias, and other areas where workers gather.
  4. Place Surface Decontamination Spray in Tool Cribs and train workers to clean sanders, shrouds, and tools before returning them to storage.
  5. Incorporate HexOff products into general housekeeping practices




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