Henchman Industries
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Personal Rescue Device

Henchman Products represents Latchways plc in Australia. The Latchways PRD is one of the biggest game changers in height safety in years. Imagine working at heights and having a resue plan built in, ready to deploy by yourself as soon as you need it.

The lightweight, unobtrusive PRD is an integrated harness system for self rescue. In the event of a fall the device lowers the faller gently to the ground in a controlled descent.

The whole rescue process only takes a few seconds due to the revolutionary engineering in the ‘back pack’ which contains:

  • a parachute style ‘rip cord’ that releases the descent system
  • a brake mechanism and spool with a 20 m (65 ft)* cord gently lowers the fallen person to the ground
  • a standard harness that can be easily released allowing quick evacuation from the fall zone