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Our Nitrogen carts offer unrivalled quality, performance and reliability within the aviation ground support equipment sector. The unique 'easy-load' feature allows provision for two nitrogen gas bottles to be loaded or unloaded at the same time, by a single person. This feature alone makes light and easy work of handling nitrogen gas bottles and meets all H&S and industry requirements. The nitrogen cart also features a market leading certified control panel that consists of 'self-venting' regulator technology and quick acting toggle charge levers.
Nitrogen Cart 2-bottle easy load complete with certified charging panel, bottle hoses and supply hoses

*Securely accommodates two (2) large nitrogen gas cylinders/nitrogen gas bottles
*Single pivoting bottle tray allows for TWO nitrogen gas bottles to be loaded or unloaded at the same time 
*'Easy load' system offers fast, safe and easy to use, one-person loading & unloading design feature
*Nitrogen gas cylinders rest at a 30 degree angle when loaded to reduce operator bending and lifting requirement
*Certified charging panel housed inside a lockable weather-proof cabinet
*Self-venting regulator technology ( auto shut-off and vent when closed)
*Front mounted pivoting axle to minimize shock *Front mounted tow bar incorporating parking brake (easy lift and lock feature)
*50mm towing eye
*Front axle steering
*Side deflector bars protect rear wheels
*Four air-filled hard wearing tyres
*2 x 10 metre outlet supply hoses mounted to side of trolley (low & high pressure)
*2 x anti-whip nitrogen gas cylinder connecting hoses
*Under storage void with anti-slip rubber & netted sides allows housing of additional aircraft GSE or tooling
*100 hour salt tested with 2 layer powder-coat finish (white)
*P.E.D & P.E.R approved components
*CE certified with mandatory sticker kit
*H&S compliant
*Conforms to BS EN 12312-18:2005 (aircraft GSE requirement)
*Provided with full certification and release documents
*Fully serviceable chassis and charging unit

Available Options:
*Auto re-wind retractable outlet hose reels (high & low pressure) - nitrogen gas specification
*Different colour finish
*Different size towing eye
*High pressure nitrogen gas booster / nitrogen gas intensifier
*Weather-proof cover
*Available at reduced height for in hangar use with business jets
*Approx. weight 225 KG
*Cylinders not included (can be supplied if required)