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Henchman is proud to announce that we gave been appointed the new exclusive  Australian agent for Permaswage fittings and tooling.

Permaswage is the technology leader in the fluid fitting industry proving propriety and standard components, tooling, and training to all major aerospace companies globally.

Permaswage System
Permaswage is a tube connecting system that mechanically attaches a Permaswage fitting to a tube by radial swagging. The system is used to make permanent connections between metal tubes.
It works by deforming the metal fittings onto a tube radially, 360⁰ around the circumference using the Permaswage Lightweight Tool (DLT). The interference between the fitting and tube produces a leak resistant seal that is structurally sound. This system can be used to produce new tubing systems, or to repair existing ones. Because the system is portable, it can be used in the field as well as at the user’s facility.

Permalite AS System
Permalite/AS is a tube fitting that is mechanically attached to the tube by axial swagging. Permalite works by deforming the fitting into the tube being joined by moving a ring, a component of the Permalite fitting, axially along the fitting length using a Permaswage Axial swage Tool (DAT).
The Permalite system is used on the A380 and Boeing 787