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GT Line Tool Cases represented by Henchman Products is a well known and highly competitive brand made in Europe. With many years of experience, GT Line continues to expand its knowledge and technical skills to produce technicians Tool Cases to a very high standard.  Gt Line tool cases are highly functional without neglecting the aesthetics.  GT Line's wheeled tool cases are the best on the market, being the Turtle Tool case, New Mega Wheels toolcase, Atomic tool case and Revo Wheels Tool case.

GT Line is a world leader in the field of professional and technicians toolcases due to a continuous technological research, entrepreneurial spirit, precision manufacturing and upgrading of resources.  Full range of polypropelene wheeled tool cases for electronics technicians.
These tool cases are used in many different industries such as Mining, Electronics, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and more.  GT Line tool cases now stocked and sold in Australia by Henchman Products the official agent.


Some features that can be found in these technicians tool cases are:


-Tool pallets with FLEXI POUCHES PLUS or elastics

 -Large pockets and document wallets

-Component boxes

-large base areas

-Each of the tool cases are good value for money with an
unbeatable quality/price of the ‘BOXER’ tool case

-Ergonomic carrying handle such as the soft grip

-Adjustable dividers

-Telescopic handle and wheels

-Strong case with modern aesthetics. The 'INNOVA' toolcase is
a modern design with metal locks and keys

-Some of the tool cases are exceptionally strong and
shock proof such as the ‘BOMBER’ tool case  

-The  ‘REVO’ wheeled tool case is light weight and robust

-The new advanced ‘ATOMIC’ tool case is injection molded
(polypropylene) with a thick aluminum trim making it MEGA_WHEELS_STACKED.png
ideal for everyday use

-Each of the GT Line tool cases have a good capacity such
as the ‘TURTLE’ wheeled tool case 

-The ‘NEW MEGA WHEELS’ wheeled tool case has a double wall
construction which is shockproof and is resistant to
high and low temperatures, and is also resistant to
most corrosive chemicals.


Check out our range of GT Line cases to find the case that suits your requirement the best.
If you can’t find what you are looking for contact one of our friendly staff.

Henchman also can supply you a complete ToolKit



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